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Doctor Who Talking Red Dalek Bank

Talking Red Dalek Bank

Undergound Toys

MPN: DR186

Incredibly good superhero Talking Red Dalek , a great toy from Undergound Toys. The Dr Who toy has got a weight of 0.94 lbs. The product number for this is DR186.

Ideal for any Doctor Who fans, maintain your money protected with this talking Dalek money bank! Driven by a single emotion, hate, the Daleks dedicate their entire existence to violent conquest, in which capacity they are often foiled by their main adversary, Doctor Who. Hear a selection of Dalek phrases sound when you deposit your coins! TM casings generate force fields which are resistant to gunfire and most energy-based attacks. Originally created by Davros, Daleks are cybernetic life kinds encased in armored, mobile pylons outfitted with rotating domes, eye stalks, gun emplacements and appendages; though restrictive in their mobility, the Daleks â?


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