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Underground Toys Doctor Who Revelation Of The Dalek's Collector's Set

Doctor Who Revelation Of The Daleks

Underground Toys

Model: 03729
Package Quantity: 1

Doctor Who Revelation Of The Dalek's made by Underground Toys in fact is fun to play with. I definitely loved that it has the feature of set includes four action figures sixth doctor in cloak, davros with alternate hand, necros dalek, skaro dalek. Other features consist of recommended for ages 5+. The Dr Who toy is 5" Height x 2" Length x 2" Width. How to buy the Doctor Who Revelation Of The Dalek's . I would like you to get the best price and service when acquiring a Dr Who toy. Please visit our partners via the button on this site.

The Sixth Doctor and Peri arrive on the planet Necros where, in a facility known as Tranquil Repose presided over by Mr Jobel and his assistant Tasambeker, the wealthy can have their newly-deceased bodies cryogenically frozen until such time as medical science can cure whatever killed them. The Wonderful Healer masterminding Tranquil Repose is Davros, who is utilizing the organic material in the cryogenic storage units both because the raw material for the synthetic food that is Necros's greatest export and also to make a whole new army of Daleks with which to take control of the universe. Davros's plans are foiled when Daleks loyal to the Dalek Supreme arrive on Necros and take him prisoner. 1 x Davros action figure with alternate hand. 1 x Necros Dalek action figure. His suspicions prove justified, as it turns out that this is just a ruse to lure him into a trap. The Doctor wishes to spend his final respects to his friend Professor Arthur Stengos, and also to assuage some nagging suspicions regarding the man's death. In this exclusive set from Underground Toys we present Davros, a Necros Dalek, a Skaro Dalek and also the Sixth Doctor in his blue mourning cloak. 1 x Skaro Dalek action figure. The Doctor suggests to the planet's inhabitants a new basis for their economic climate. Contents: 1 x Sixth Doctor in Cloak action figure.


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