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Doctor Who / Star Trek: Tng Monitor Mates In Tin - Exclusive

Doctor Who

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Doctor Who is a really excellent and fabulous action figure toy doll. I certainly liked that the toy had assimilate this! captain picard, shake hands with the doctor. star trek: the next generation joins forces with doctor who!. The Dr Who toy weighs only 1.2 lbs. The EAN barcode for this is 0814826015328. The actual worst thing to do when buying the Doctor Who would be to rush your purchase. You may find our about the experience a persons boy or girl gained with the item. Take a bit of extra time and you'll find what exactly you would like to buy for kids at the best price tag for your pocket book. How to buy a Doctor Who . For more information on this toy, click on our partners via the add to shopping cart button.

Assimilate this! Doctor Who / Star Trek The Next Generation Monitor Mates in Tin Tote is a Convention Exclusive from Bif Bang Pow! Ages 14 and up. Convention Exclusive tin tote comes with a TARDIS miniature bobble head as well as a 'bonus' certificate for a U. S. S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D miniature bobble ship! Entertainment Earth Convention Exclusive! that attributes a tin tote with J. K. Woodward's artwork from IDW's sci-fi crossover Star Trek: The Next Generation / Doctor Who: Assimilation2 restricted series comic books. Add the U. S. S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D and TARDIS to your laptop or computer monitor! This really is your only chance to purchase a restricted edition item according to this once-in-a-lifetime crossover event! Clear bases for these 'ships' are exclusive to this set only! You can have the U. S. S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D sitting proper there on your computer monitor with each of the out-of-this-world Star Trek: The Next Generation Enterprise Monitor Mate TM with clear base. Also included in the tote is a terrific fold-out diorama. The metal tin tote box measures about 8 5/8-inches wide x 6 3/4-inches tall x 4-inches deep. This incredible set also contains 2 miniature bobble heads, a Star Trek: The Next Generation U. S. S. Enterprise 1701-D Monitor Mate TM with clear base (shipped later via on the net registration) and a Doctor Who TARDIS Monitor Mate TM with clear base! Captain Picard, shake hands with The Doctor. Star Trek: The Next Generation joins forces with Doctor Who! The mini-bobbles can be mounted separately or together on the included fold-out comic book replica diorama (immediately following which on your monitor, in case you like) making use of the included adhesive wedges and adhesive strips. Please note: The TARDIS comes packaged in the tote along with a certificate instructing you how you can get your exclusive   U. S. S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D   via mail. Features stunning artwork from the Assimilation2 sci-fi crossover comic books.


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